New Year, New Me, Same Blog 🥂

New Year, New Me, Same Blog 🥂
Photo by Annie Spratt / Unsplash

I feel a special connection to New Year's Eve, even more so than with Christmas itself. I guess part of it is the pleasure of turning the calendar year into a new, unseen number: it's like I am suddenly living in the future! This is a time when I generally have high hopes, I playfully think about plans for the following year (not with anxiety, but as foretasting pleasant experiences), and celebrate with others our achievements for the past year. Additionally, I have this ritual of making a big wish, one that generally requires equal shares of luck and hard work, and I keep it secret until I realize it.

I have a few, simple resolutions for 2023:

  • I will keep the pace of 1 post per week on this blog. Since I started a few weeks ago, I promised myself I would stick to it for at least 1 year, even if nobody would read me. It seems that some people are already enjoying my work, so I have no excuses here;
  • I will travel a lot in 2023, likely more than any year before this one. For various reasons, this was not possible in the past, so now I am going to make up for lost time;
  • I will share some of my ideas with you soon. It's about some mini-projects inspired by issues I encountered in my life, and that may interest others as well. The first will be revealed next Monday, while the second one needs more work. In any case, you will know about it in due time;
  • Of course, I will retain the good habits I built during 2022, spend time with loved ones, have fun, and in general I will be a good nerd 🤓

Last but not least, I want to thank my affectionate readers (and my awesome subscribers) for visiting me in this small corner of the web.

I wish you an excellent New Year!

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