About Me


Nice to meet you!👋 I'm Loris Occhipinti, a humble journeyman in the beautiful trade of software engineering. I specialize in backend programming and I feel most at ease when designing APIs and microservice architectures, mostly because I can avoid analysis paralysis thinking about JS frameworks.

Most of the time you can find me in Milan, but since I work remotely - and I love it! - I'll move to sunnier locations whenever I have the opportunity to do so🏖️

Aside from software engineering, some other interests that I have:

  • hiking⛰️ and snowboarding🏂
  • being an armchair paleontologist (please stop asking if T-rex was feathered)
  • practicing drums🥁 until I eventually become the new Alex Van Halen
  • reading manga & manhwas - TBATE fan here ✋

✉️ You can contact me at: loris@lorisocchipinti.com

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